Alcantara Arts has been producing top notch ethnic entertainment and events for over 15 years in the United States and Mexico. The following videos are examples of some of the unique themes for your next event, but be sure to call us for a complete consultation. Let us take it to the next level with an incendiary performance by performers from around the globe.

Learn more about some of the featured acts from Alcantara Arts:


Other available acts include:

Flamenco pop trio - guitar singing & percussion - gypsy kings etc. Featuring 2 time Austin Jazz Fest award winner Joey del Lago
Brahma - amazing! Jazz, Indian, Balinese, Middle Eastern fusion musical group - demo available
Brazilian Samba dance/ drumming / Capoeira - martial artists - demo DVD available
African dance & drumming - DVD available
Japanese Taiko drummng - demo DVD available
Indian classical - sitar, tabla, harmonium
Balinese orchestra - up o 30 authentic instruments - demo DVD available
Jazz - Latin or gypsy
Salsa- music and or dancing
Authentic/traditional Flamenco w live musicians
Fire dancing/spinning: poi, fire stick, fire eating/breathing  
East Indian Kathak dancing
Ballet Corps
Hawaiian music & dance
Steel Drums

France - Cabaret songs w dancing
Italy - Italian opera
Argentina - tango dancing
Spain - flamenco dancing
Cuba / Latin America - Salsa dancing/singing
China - oriental violinist
Middle East - belly dancing & percussion
Mexico - Bolero singing & dancing
America - Swing & Ballroom -  w nationally awarded ballroom competitors

See what some people are saying about Alcantara Arts Performances:

"Ida Y Vuelta" flamenco dance company is world class art! Such spirit, excitement and artistic integrity inspires the audience in ways they will long remember.

- Ed Smith of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra & percussion professor at the University of North Texa


"I brought six people with me, (to the festival) and now, they are all converts and fans, too... Mariano Cruceta is an absolutely electrifying performer.

- Becky Cannon


The performance at the Gypsy Tea Room was "world class"... The audience responded with five standing ovations!! Muchisimas gracias, Ida Y Vuelta Flamenco Dance Ensemble, for hosting such remarkable artists.

- Marisela Barrera, Artistic Director of Cara Mia Theatre Co


"You were a great dancer when I saw you at Ketama years ago, but now you have matured as a performer and added presentation to your dance, which includes the audience in the scene as you create it.... I really appreciate what you add to my life."

-Gloria Cockerell.

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