About Alcantara Artistic Interiors

When you have an artist style your home, expect the unexpected. Julia Alcantara's background in fine art makes her style unique and her vision for color and design is a blend of art and science. Renderings, done by hand, are an efficient way to know what you are getting before it comes to fruition and helps her clients understand all their options before making a decision. An onsite consultation will provide you with ideas and quick sketches to unlock the potential of your space and a new look that says what you need it to say to your guests.

No project is too large. Remodeling is also in our skill set. So let your imagination run wild. We have skilled tradesmen that can open up a wall, replace tile, light and plumbing fixtures and of course cabinets and specialty counter tops, if you need more than paint and drapes to make your space shine. Improve the value of your home and enjoy an environment perfectly suited to your life style.

When you add the final touches of some local art, a rare antique, or a beautiful custom flower arrangement, then you will have something out of the ordinary: an artistic interior by Alcantara Arts.

We also do seasonal decorations!  Call Alcantara Arts ANYTIME!